On the road again! (Suwannee: The Accidental Tourists)

July 31, 2012 – You’ll notice I never continued with our survival series, and haven’t updated with travel tales of any kind for a long time. Work exploded, life exploded, I was beginning to feel like my entire life revolved around my computer.

So one Tuesday, Kent grabbed me and told me he was taking me to watch the sun set over the ocean in Cedar Key. What you see in the photo is not Cedar Key, nor is it the ocean.

This is what happens when we decide to go to Cedar Key and don’t double-check on a map which road to take. (Tip for the locals: It’s not Newberry.) And this was us, realizing we were in the wrong place, and deciding, “Let’s see where this road goes!”
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Shelter From The Storm (Part 1)

Starting our adventure in the vast wilderness of our yard, our first task was to decide where to set up camp. We thought of this from two different angles: where we’d spend our first night, since we only had a couple of hours of daylight left, and where we’d want to make a more permanent camp.

Our yard provides many options for shelter, but ultimately it came down to two locations. One is a giant cedar tree in our back yard, the other is a really low-hanging oak branch in the front.

After picking our spot, it would be time for building. Continue reading »

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Adventuring at home

The weather right now is perfect for camping. Unfortunately our schedules haven’t allowed much time away. But we live on four beautiful acres, so we don’t have to leave to enjoy the outdoors. (Check out those azaleas!) Camping here, we don’t need cat-sitters, I’m available for work emergencies, and we have access to all the conveniences of home.

But wait. What if we didn’t? Continue reading »

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And sometimes, nature comes to us…

So it’s seriously time to blow the dust off of this blog. People have been asking why I haven’t updated in so long. Mostly, I just don’t want to bore everyone with stories of how life happens and things don’t go as fast as we like. But I finally came on here to post something today and found this post that I never finished, so here’s one story about life happening.

One of the reasons we want to travel is to see nature. But we have no lack of nature coming to see us. Sometimes the nature is peaceful and lovely, like the beautiful wildlife we have living in our own yard (spiders aside), and sometimes the nature is… not quite so peaceful and lovely… Continue reading »

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See, it’s this kind of thing that just makes me grumpy…

… Or explains my anxiety disorder. Pick one. My office is all moved back into the house now. When I was finished, I was sweaty, and dirty, and tired, and irritable, and decided that a shower would be just the thing. Have you ever been standing under a nice hot shower, finally starting to relax after a tough day, when you suddenly feel like you’re being… watched?

(Anyone who knows me well already knows what’s under that question mark.) Continue reading »

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So, where to next? Back to the house…

This is my own fault, really. Ok, actually my own suggestion. A suggestion Kent tried talking me out of even while admitting I was right.

Last night, Kent and I sat down and talked for a long time about what still needs to be done to the RV. And we talked about how he would go about doing it if we WEREN’T in here trying to live around the construction. We also discussed if us not being in here would speed the process up enough to get us back up north before summer is over (the answer being “maybe”), because we love and miss certain distant friends of ours who make it very clear they love and miss us. ♥ Continue reading »

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RV: Fixing The Floor

We bought this RV planning for repairs and upgrades. Mostly, we’d planned to do them slowly, as needed. We were really excited to get everything hooked up and start traveling! But one thing that definitely had to be looked at before going anywhere was the floor. We had a soft spot in the floor next to the kitchen. Because of the vinyl floor covering, we didn’t know exactly what was going on under there. The day Kent cut and pulled up the vinyl, it was like opening Pandora’s box…

I could also title this post, “Why we probably won’t be going anywhere any time soon.” Continue reading »

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Wildlife Week Concluded: Hummingbirds and a whole lot more

For the last post in this series, I have some of my favorite photographs along with some I was only able to get by pure luck. Most of the animals in the previous posts are around enough to provide ample photo opportunities. While hummingbirds are around quite a bit (there’s one outside my window right now, actually), they’re so quick and small that they’re extremely difficult to photograph. Most of the other creatures in this post I feel lucky to have captured at all. Continue reading »

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Wildlife Week: Flycatchers, Tufted Titmice, Chickadees

Last post I talked about some of the more common animals we’re seeing around our new spot in the yard. This post covers the ones (all birds this time) that either we’d never noticed or never identified.

I’ll start with what we found in that birdhouse. And ok, well, this was actually by our old spot in the yard. But still, hey, look, photos! ;-) Continue reading »

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Wildlife Week: Gray Squirrels, Carolina Wrens, Cardinals

As promised, here’s the first in a short series of posts where I introduce you to some of the inhabitants of our yard. I figured I’d start with some of the more common ones first.

Most of the animals in this series of posts will be birds. We’re having to get creative hoping to get photos of some of the sneakier animals.

(Although we’ve had a tiny bit of luck, as you’ll see later. :-) Continue reading »

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