See, it’s this kind of thing that just makes me grumpy…

… Or explains my anxiety disorder. Pick one. My office is all moved back into the house now. When I was finished, I was sweaty, and dirty, and tired, and irritable, and decided that a shower would be just the thing. Have you ever been standing under a nice hot shower, finally starting to relax after a tough day, when you suddenly feel like you’re being… watched?

(Anyone who knows me well already knows what’s under that question mark.)

My old friend, the Huntsman Spider. Due to a a discovery in 2001 of a new species of Huntsman, the famous Goliath birdeater is now considered the second largest spider in the world. And this is the second Huntsman we’ve found in the house in the past week. Ah, the excitement.

A lot of people mistake these for Wolf spiders, but the Huntsmans have legs that bend forward, like a crab. (It’s a lot more obvious if they feel threatened. This one seemed pretty relaxed. Guess it was enjoying my shower.) They are also, in my experience, a lot more aggressive than Wolf spiders. Kent and I have both had Huntsmans chase us. One once trapped me in the bathroom by running above the door every time I’d make a move to leave. They also jump, on you if you’re trying to, say, kill them (ask my ex-roommate about that one), and apparently cling to you if you try to shake them off.

I tried to find a link to back me up on the aggression claims, but I kept reading that the Wolf spider is more aggressive than the Huntsman. Maybe if you upset one of them, they start chasing you through the house with kitchen knives, I have no idea. Wolf spiders do carry their babies (100+ of them at times) around on their backs which, as Kent discovered one nightmarish night when he was young, can lead to you being showered with baby spiders if you kill one on your ceiling above your bed. Enjoy that image for a moment…

The first three photos are of the perv Huntsman in the bathroom. (Ceiling spider is watching you shower…) The last is one Kent took last year of a Wolf spider with babies, in case you didn’t already have enough of a visual in your head to give you nightmares.

Two blog posts in one day, I might as well try to be educational, right? (It’s my phobia, it’s mine to share if I want to. The giant huntsman spider was discovered in northern Laos in 2001. During the past ten years, over a thousand new species have been found in the Greater Mekong Subregion. It won’t be long before the world is nothing but giant spiders…)

By the way, no, I was not showering with the camera. I ended up with the camera because I screamed for Kent, he came running in with a swatter, made some kind of noise somewhere in between “WOW” and “GAH” at the size of it, and ran back out for a shoe. I told him he might as well grab the camera on the way. You’re welcome.

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One Response to See, it’s this kind of thing that just makes me grumpy…

  1. Kathleen says:

    You’ll laugh at me bit I’ll share anyway… I kept those nasty photos cut off by the edge of my screen while reading your post… My skin is crawling anyway.

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