So, where to next? Back to the house…

This is my own fault, really. Ok, actually my own suggestion. A suggestion Kent tried talking me out of even while admitting I was right.

Last night, Kent and I sat down and talked for a long time about what still needs to be done to the RV. And we talked about how he would go about doing it if we WEREN’T in here trying to live around the construction. We also discussed if us not being in here would speed the process up enough to get us back up north before summer is over (the answer being “maybe”), because we love and miss certain distant friends of ours who make it very clear they love and miss us. ♥

He needs to finish the bottom compartments. He’s spent the entire week actually LYING IN these compartments, WITH power tools, trying to cut out the OSB. I’m not even sure how he’s managed it in at least one of them, because I don’t think I could fit in there. At least some of these he could reach much better if he took up the new plywood floor and worked from the top.

And then there’s the matter of the floor under the kitchen cabinets. Like the fact that in some places, there isn’t one. We discovered this one day when we left a drawer open and Pixie crawled behind it (one of her favorite tricks) and was shortly thereafter frolicking in the yard. Taking that entire set of bottom cabinets out looks like it may be as simple as unplugging the stove, unhooking the sink, and unscrewing a few things. Doing this would allow him to actually plywood the ENTIRE floor and then reinstall the bottom cabinets over it. He also wants to also do this under the refrigerator, since that’s where the litterbox is, and that part is still OSB. I probably don’t need to explain that problem any more specifically…

He plans to also unscrew the top cabinets at the same time, and begin working to properly insulate the walls. And honestly, we don’t like the cabinets in here anyway. It’s not that they aren’t our style (although they aren’t) but they have tiny openings that make it hard to get to the space inside, and those long cabinets running down both walls have no dividers in them. One good slamming on the brakes and everything stored in them will come crashing to the front. And it’s so hard to find stuff once you put it in there that I’ve been storing stuff in plastic drawers instead. I’d love to replace these with cabinets that are actually usable. (Note: That’s one of the original photos. We got rid of that furniture a long time ago.)

So the plan has basically changed from working on this a bit at a time, project by project, to moving out and gutting it all and doing it RIGHT. On one hand, I’m really excited about it!

On the other hand, I am really bummed about moving back into the house. (It started out on a weird note when Kent brought me boxes for my stuff and I got a flashback to being laid off from my last job. Best thing that ever happened to my career by far, but still…) And I keep looking out the window here and seeing the hummingbird, and the squirrels, and even though we are going to put a feeder back outside my office window, it’s just not the same.

I rarely go in the house any more except when I have to. It’s all thick walls and small windows and… stuff… I feel more claustrophobic in a huge three-bedroom house than I do in a 32 foot RV. Mentally, I’ve definitely already turned into an RV full-timer. But at least for now, we still are planning to sleep in here. And we’re DEFINITELY still having our morning tea outside here in the swing. So essentially, it will almost be like I have an office job again for a while. (It’s amazing how two months can make something I was doing for years, working in my home office, suddenly seem so weird.)

But besides the fact that this will get all of the RV work done faster, it will also put all that stuff we need to get rid of right in my face, so I can make that go away faster. I’ve been ignoring that for way too long now.

So time for me to get up off my butt and get moving!

P.S. Yes, I put a photo of our house on a public blog post. You can’t really see it that well from the road, but if this were to attract some random stalker for some bizarre reason (because I’m sure my posts on here make people think, “Wow, I’d sure like to stalk those people!”), I’m happy to introduce said stalker to my crazy redneck husband and his gun collection. Come on over! ;-)

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