We’ve Moved!

Wow, has it really been more than two months since we got the RV? Well, the exciting news is that a little over a week ago, after finally figuring out what kind of hitch we needed, we took our first trip! Our home has now moved, and the wildlife here is incredible!

By the way, I spent all day yesterday doing some MASSIVE updates to this site. I fixed a lot of browser issues (that’s what I get for relying on a template…) so everything should look much better now. Please let me know if I did anything your browser doesn’t like.

So where did we move to? All the way to the other side of our house. :-) It’s a much more suitable location. We’re no longer next to any neighbors (it’s nice having four acres to play with), we can hook directly into our septic system, we’re close enough to plug into the house with the new heavy-duty RV electrical cord we bought (our old cord kept overheating and blowing the breaker), and the back of the RV is much closer to the garage, so it’s much more convenient for Kent when he’s working on it.

I was in here when we moved it (giving Kent status reports with our awesome two-way radios that we should have bought AGES ago, way before we had an RV) and the cats handled it pretty well after a couple of minutes of freaking out. (Obviously neither I nor the cats would be in here on the road, but it was interesting riding around the yard.) And despite the bumpy yard and our lack of securing pretty much anything, nothing fell over or off of anything. Definitely a successful first attempt!

So we’ve been getting out of bed around sunrise lately, and our morning ritual of sitting outside drinking tea (we finally kicked the coffee) and watching wildlife tends to last around two hours now. What a way to start the morning! And the view from our new location is just gorgeous:

Some mornings the yard is blanketed with dew-covered spiderwebs:

(Many of you know about my arachnophobia. I just try not to think about it and enjoy the beauty of what they leave behind.)

The first day or two we were over here, things were really quiet. (I think the first day we saw two squirrels and a crow.) We think moving the RV over here probably scared all the animals for a few days. But by the third day, they started coming around, and now the area is pretty much exploding with wildlife of all kinds.

Some have proved easier to photograph than others, especially given the tricky early morning light and the fact that I don’t own a fancy professional camera (someday…), but I spent Saturday going through over 200 photographs I’ve taken in the past week, and I got at least a few good ones out of that.

Having all of these photographs has allowed us to identify many of our yard’s visitors. (For birds, this is an incredible website.) I’d originally written this post including tons of photos and comments about all of our little non-human friends, but realizing my tendency to write novels for posts, I’ve decided to split it up. So, we’ll just call this “Wildlife Week.” Stay tuned, and allow me to introduce you to our new feathered and furry neighbors!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Very cool! I want to hear about all your critters! We should have a critter-watch website! :-)

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