And sometimes, nature comes to us…

So it’s seriously time to blow the dust off of this blog. People have been asking why I haven’t updated in so long. Mostly, I just don’t want to bore everyone with stories of how life happens and things don’t go as fast as we like. But I finally came on here to post something today and found this post that I never finished, so here’s one story about life happening.

One of the reasons we want to travel is to see nature. But we have no lack of nature coming to see us. Sometimes the nature is peaceful and lovely, like the beautiful wildlife we have living in our own yard (spiders aside), and sometimes the nature is… not quite so peaceful and lovely…

We experienced some seriously impressive storms last year. The worst was when we had what could best be described as a tiny hurricane form over our house. Kent was about ten minutes from here when it hit, and it wasn’t even raining where he was. So I was on the phone trying to convince him that while it might not be storming THERE, it sure was storming HERE, and that he REALLY needed to get home to his wife and two terrified cats huddled in the living room waiting for the roof to fly off or a tree to come crashing through. (We’ve had three? four? hurricanes come through here since buying the house. Those were nothing compared to this.)

Luckily no whole trees fell, but this is what he found when he got home:

The next morning, we found limbs down all over the place, although none as impressive as that one. Another casualty of the storm was our bird feeder. You saw it a lot in my wildlife posts, like the first one below. The other two photos show how we found it that morning.

We didn’t find these broken pieces near each other, we found them on opposite ends of the house. I’m not sure we ever found all of it. Everything we had outside that was light enough for me to lift was scattered all over our yard in completely random directions.

Amazingly, the RV was almost completely undamaged. I’d been worried during the storm because the awning was up. I went out twice to lower it but was chased back inside by the almost constant lightning and wind blowing things at me. But luckily all it suffered was an easily-fixed bit of bent metal on the awning frame.

The main damage was from that limb, which broke Kent’s cart and part of our roof.

After the storm, the roof started leaking. (Not from the limb, but from wind and hail damage.) Kent and a friend (who happens to be a roofer) worked to patch it while I dealt with our insurance company and scheduled roofing estimates.

So one of the beautiful bright sunny days this friend was over, I heard a SLAM on the roof. I thought it was something they’d done until I teasingly radioed Kent, “Did you do that?” and got a response of, “What the hell was that?!” Well, “that” was this:

That’s another limb punching through the plastic they used to cover the already-leaking roof. It came from the top of one of those trees in the first photo in this entry. So they patched THAT hole, and pulled down a couple more limbs that looked in danger of falling. One was too high to throw a rope over, so Kent stood on the roof and shot it down with his shotgun. (“You know you’re a redneck if…” ;-)

Long story short, our insurance company approved a new roof, which we now have, but that took a lot of time and energy away from the RV remodel.

And work got slow, so money got short, and blah blah blah, a bunch of other stuff you don’t care about. But work is picking up again (actually, work has been driving me to insanity recently), and Kent’s artwork has been selling as fast as he can make it, and we definitely have no lack of motivation, so we’re hoping to get back to work on our home on wheels really soon!

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